Economic, infrastruCture, & Community Management Solutions

for Impact Projects Around the Globe

Phireon Global Partners (PGP) is a world leader in providing Cutting Edge Blockchain Security Solutions — guiding governments and corporations into the 21st century with Advanced Power Solutions and Blockchain Implementation.

    First in the world to architect a basket asset backed stable priced crypto trade reference currency and negotiate a whole state blockchain solution with a sovereign nation, PGP continues to support nations and corporate clients in all key areas of emerging tech and blockchain specialization.


    Phireon’s vanguard social governance app will redefine group dynamics in the 21st century. Consensus projects will benefit from instantaneous and valid data compilation, transactional tax collection will be immediate, and the bureaucratic cost burden carried by large organizations negligible. Selected solutions available through the platform will include: Secure ID, Frictionless Taxation, Secure Wallets, Secure Voting, Custom Designed Currencies, Big Data, Direct Marketplace, Direct Communications, Social Management, and Social Merit algorithms.

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    Working With PGP


    Phireon Global Partners is developing  our vanguard economic management app Phireon. Click the link below to go to login to our private, secure, online investment portal, or contact us to see if PGP is right for you.


    Within an advisory capacity, members of the Phireon board have maintained a prolific portfolio in assisting governments, corporations, and start-ups, in determining traditional, and modern, blockchain economies; and include among its many specializations, infrastructure development, proper token mechanics, currency design, proper uses of the blockchain, governance, compliance, economies of scale, and security.

    Government Projects

    Developments in energy, signal propagation, infrastructure, and blockchain technology now make it possible to automate taxes, create asset backed, valuable, high velocity currencies to revitalize economies, secure remote borders in a cost efficient manner, and develop last mile infrastructure for fractions of the cost of other solutions. Contact us to find out how we can help your country.


    If you have skills in Sales, Marketing, Development, Biz Dev, or connections with clients who would benefit from implementing the Phireon App, please contact us below and see if there is a future at PGP for you. 


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